Dave Hawley

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Dave Hawley

I was born in 1953. I began working at the BBC in 1971, my final year at the BBC was 2009.


State school up to primary 11 plus level. Then private prep school and public school to age 18. O levels and A levels.

Previous Jobs


How I joined the BBC

Looked into a career in television broadcasting technology while still at school. The BBC sent me a brochure about a career starting from school as a Technical Assistant.

My first impressions of the BBC

Having just come from a public boarding school, it seemed very familiar!

Broad BBC career

I was a Technical Assistant, then an Engineer and Senior Engineer until the job moved to an operational role rather than an engineering role. Eventually I became a colourist in Post Production.

My training at the BBC

A, B, and C courses at ETD Wood Norton to qualify as an Engineer. A couple of short specialist courses there in the late 1990s early 2000s. Otherwise training "on the job"!


Standard BBC Club Membership

Only really used the bar!