BBC ex-staff Memories database

Welcome to the BBC Memories database. We have created a specially designed form where you can enter your personal BBC history and memories. These will be captured and saved and presented in a website which looks like Wikipedia which is familiar to most internet users. We call this website a 'Wiki'. If enough people contribute we can create a valuable eye-witness history of the BBC to stand alongside the official histories. This history will be created by us, the people who worked at the Corporation, whether on programmes or in other capacities. It will capture not just stories but insights into the workings of an organisation of national importance and interest. We hope it will also capture links to the many other scattered sources of information which already exist about the BBC and to form something that will grow to be of value to anyone - whether ex staff, the general public or future historians.

How to use the Form and create the Wiki pages

Apart from a few essential details, you can fill in as little or as much as you like about yourself, the boxes will take any number of words (just keep typing!). You can complete part of it now and then add more, or change your entries, later.

The first thing you need to do is create a new record or entry for yourself. If you scroll down this page you will see how to do it. Make a note of the exact way you enter your name and also your Access Key, because you will need this information to log in again every time you want to add more material. Do not use Mr, Mrs etc at this stage. You can add a title to your name later.

Next you have to give us permission to use your material and agree to some simple terms and conditions. Please read these carefully and if you are happy with the arrangements tick the Accept box, you will then be able to create a new record by Clicking on Create/Load Record.

You will be taken to the specially constructed entry form which allows you to put information into the Wiki database very simply. Across the top of the form you will see these Tabs; Basics, Personal,BBC Periods, Other Facts and Feelings, Clubs, Links and Media. You can switch between the tabs as much as you like and complete the form in your own time (remember to save periodically!). When your entry is viewed online via the wiki page it will look very different from the form, it will be similar in appearance to Wikipedia.

Create/Load record

(can be any number or word you will remember, perhaps a birthday? (just letters or numbers please!))

If you have already created a record, re-enter your name and access key to continue editing your memories.


  1. You must be happy for the information you enter (eventually) to be made public.
  2. You agree that the information is as accurate as is (reasonably) possible and that there will be no information which could be harmful to ex colleagues.
  3. All information you enter will be attributable to you.
  4. Any photographs, audio or video you submit are supplied on the assumption that you assign the copyright for use on this website. If copyright is not known, this should be made clear.