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Mr John Hale

I was born in 1943. I began working at the BBC in 1964, my final year at the BBC was 1994.



O levels & A levels; Technical Qualifications

Previous Jobs

Rank Organisation (Odeon) Projectionist

How I joined the BBC

Saw an advert for Technical Operators (Radio) in the Radio Times

My first impressions of the BBC

Very professional organisation; a privilege to work for; also a privilege to be able to work with professional programme making equipment

Broad BBC career

Radio:Technical Operator: London Control Room: Continuity Suites Mixer BH London:Tape Editor Maida Vale: Projectionist; tape editor; audio mixer Radio: Studio Manager BH London; Bush House Television: Assistant Dubbing Mixer Alexandra Palace (News); TFS Ealing; TC London; LGS London Television: Dubbing Mixer: Drama series; Documentaries TFS Ealing; TC London; LGS London

My training at the BBC

1964: Four month Technical Operator Course (TO 19) at ETD Many courses, short and long throughout at ETD or The Langham Latterly: Guest Lecturing at ETD and at TC and White City

Feelings about the BBC whilst I worked there

Feel privileged to have worked for the BBC during the Golden Years when great classic programmes and series were produced (and in which I played a part) plus a period of huge increase in the development of technology to make those programmes.

Non autobiographical notes and facts BBC about the BBC

Staff took a pride in their work and morale was high until 1990.

Feelings about the BBC today

Since staff morale plummeted to an all time low amongst programme making staff such as me - the John Birt era - the BBC has not recovered. High staff morale equals happy staff equals productive staff who are loyal - just as in the old days. Staff are not valued enough these days and the programme standards are consequently low.