Piers Burton-Page

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Mr Piers Burton-Page

I was born in 1947. I began working at the BBC in 1971, my final year at the BBC was 2002.


School [various] 1955 -1965 University 1966 - 1970 University [France] 1968 - 1969 University [postgrad] 1970 - 1971

Previous Jobs

prep school teacher 1965 - 1966

How I joined the BBC

Applied for general traineeship 1970 - unsuccessful Applied as Programme operations Assistant 1971 - successful

My first impressions of the BBC

Enormous. Hierarchical. Welcoming. Exciting.

Broad BBC career

4 years as a studio manager, 2 years as an announcer, 26 years as a producer / editor / manager

My training at the BBC

intensive induction course as studio manager [3 months] various production courses various managerial courses

Non autobiographical notes and facts BBC about the BBC

Radio 3 where I mostly worked has changed enormously over the years. The core of Radio 3 is classical music. The funny thing is, that Bach and Handel and Haydn and Mozart and Beethoven and Schubert and Schumann and Brahms and their countless fellows have in that time not changed a bit. So what has? And why hasn't it made a difference?


BBC Cricket Club

Played for 3rd XI for a number of years under the inspiring generalship of Tim Upton. We were mostly banished to the plastic strip located in the far, far distance at Motspur Park. A spinner's graveyard. And this did not stop us losing regularly.