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Mr simon Holland

I was born in 1957. I began working at the BBC in 1978


Hawick High School Campbeltown Grammar School Norwich School of Art Sheffield Art Collage

How I joined the BBC

Studying practical film making at Sheffield Collage of Art with Barry Callaghan and Paul Haywood as tutors. I applied for a Trainee Assistant Editor job at Ealing London. Got an interview, told them I had make a 'Punk' documentary, The interview board were concerned that I was a borrowed suit and tie seemed to measure the job. at 3000 GBP per year.

My first impressions of the BBC

Loved the Editing training course at Ealing Film Studios TFS. We learned about the whole of the BBC TV service, Camera, sound etc. 12 Trainees that year, all still involved in film production in 2017.

Broad BBC career

I became a film editor. working mainly in factual TV. During the 1980s I worked on Panorama at LGS Lime Grove Studios with many fine producers, doing all the stories of that era. Thatcher, IRA, Miners strike, Nuclear power, Chemical weapons etc. Moved on to work a lot for the 'Horizon' science programme. Today a freelance film editor. Recently finished working on a Brian Cox series. 'Forces of Nature'.

My training at the BBC

Ealing studios editor training Video tape editing course at BBC Evesham.